Motorgym introduction

MotorgymMotorGym is a set of equipment, which can help you in preparation for sport riding. Either for racing or hobby, both on dirt or tarmac.

The development took more than a year and during the time the tools were tested in combination with training and racing. After this time first serie was given to other racers to get a feedback, if the development was right. Based on their comments few modifications were made and the production started.

„The compelete MotorGym set is an interesting alternative and the combination of hand excercises with surfing on board was the reason why I added this set into my training equipment. Good idea is the versatility of PowerBars, perfect detail are the levers and the tool provides similar feeling like motorcycle bars."  Petr Vorlíček, Czech Republic, Germany and Europe supermoto champion

Motorgym - Petr Vorlíček, mistr ČR, Německa a Evropy Supermoto


Look at Motorgym in action.

Shots from trainings

Motorgym original video

Motorgym stunt team




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